The Problem

Patients manage several prescriptions which for them make it difficult and complex to manage the time to take their medication, also they struggle ingesting the incorrect dose impacting and damaging their health. With age we lose autonomy along with that our memory fails. Which requires innovative solutions around the patient needs, understanding their  requirements, pains and jobs. 

Assistive Technology

We developed an assistive solution to support the ageing population to repack their dose medication in a more convenient solution where they can track their hourly and daily medication. By using blister packs, we are increasing the accuracy, traceability and safety for the patients. Improving user experience and autonomy.

By packing the pills in blister packs, we are keeping the patients health providing a safety option for them, increasing their quality of life by providing a solution that is:

Convenience: No more fiddling with separating and counting pills.
Safety: Don’t lose track or count of pills, especially when you take them several times a day.
Independence: People who can reliably, consistently, and safely control when they take each pill, can live independently in their own.
Caregivers: It is easier for them to administer your
medicines with accuracy.
Clarity: Showing your latest package helps your physician(s) keep track of all your prescriptions.
Travel: It is easier to bring all your meds organized

Our approach..

Our Assistive Technology

Individual Automated Dose Medication System