By addressing business innovative ideas with the right research tools, techniques, and resources around innovation we are providing the know how to vet ideas wisely, develop them efficaciously, and commercialize them profitably. Business needs to consistently meet growth targets and struggle to pick the right innovate ideas, we work close with the innovation teams building the right knowledge, skills and capabilities required to innovate with a sustainable impact.


Strategy is not primary about planning. It is about intentional, informed, and integrated choices. In business an innovative strategy need not be static: it can evolve and be adjusted on an ongoing basis.  Its quality can be assessed by this 6 key evaluation criteria:

1. Does your strategy fit with what’s going on in the environment?

2. Does your strategy exploit your key resources?

3. Will your envisioned differentiators be sustainable?

4. Are the elements of your strategy internally consistent?

5. Dos you have enough resources to pursue this strategy?

6. Is your strategy implementable?


Our workshops are designed to support organisations and businesses to innovate by building the skills, capabilities and knowledge around innovation. We provide you with a methodology / process that you can follow to implement a single innovation project or to lead and manage an organic growth initiative.

Our workshops cover the following topics:

  • Ideation & Design Thinking

  • Innovation research

  • New Product and service development

  • Rapid prototyping

  • IP management

  • Uncertainty Management

  • Innovation Strategy


Looking to scale in the Asia Pacific Region? We guide you on the journey to open new markets in the pacific region, where language and cultural differences are no longer a barrier. By lowering the risk and uncertainty around it,  we assess and prepare your business from Australia to make the right move lowering the risk. 

Are you an Australian business looking to scale to Latin America?

Are you a Latin America Business looking to enter the Australian market?

Are you looking to manufacture in china or export products from there?

Are you a startup looking to scale in the Asia Pacific Region?

If you answer yes to any of this questions, we are here for you!